When Stars Fall

When stars fall. Night in Maami’s house is the best part of day, a time to hear about things we will never see. Sitting near the aro watching the fire catch the bottom of the black pot to heat up the water for making yam flour, I always wonder if the fire is the enemy […]

That Day

Adesuwa was young and beautiful, she was the pageant of the land in her time. Whenever she walked past, her rhythmic walk coupled with her swinging waist like shekere in master-palms was the fix of every stare. She had dove-eyes. In her mouth lived cowries. She was pride, the pride everyman wanted; the eagle feather to be won by a crafty hunter.

each cry

it is sharp and piercing like the arrow of the gods it cuts through my very being like the fulani’s dagger this cry that i hear the wailing of mothers for the death of their dreams… it heightens with every beat of my heart that i now hear in my ears another cry… it is […]


Abeokuta. The land of a thousand hills. A dark cloud gathers in the far distance, The yellow sun is sinking behind the cloud Peeping, looking at the many sons of men Scattered on earth, casting its rays on brown corrugated iron sheets. I sit on the rock watching Watching mountains that surround these land In […]